Hi, we are TMCYC!

"Technology Management Center of Yerevan City" CJSC was founded in 2000.

The company works out, installs and maintains management and information systems in municipal sphere. It provides thorough consulting to Yerevan Municipality in IT sphere, and is responsible for working out digitization policy and project implementation.

The company is involved in the commission for working out and implementation of "Yerevan-smart city" strategy.

The main directions of TMCYC activities for Yerevan Municipality are:

revelation of the problems requiring up-to-date solutions in Yerevan;

development of management and information e-systems for Yerevan Municipality;

designing and construction of networks;

monitoring of international experience and proposing innovative solutions;

working out the ways for IT sphere development and consulting in Yerevan;


Our Team

Our History

Yerevan Active Citizen platform

Activecitizen.am is a platform where citizens can present their ideas and projects to be realized in the capital of Armenia.

Mankapartez electronic management system

  • Yerevan municipal kindergartens
  • Track your child's lineup online

Tourism information support and citizens’ service centers in Yerevan

The aim of the program is to provide information support to our citizens and guests of the city

"QR code" project

Monuments repository of Yerevan city for QR code reading. 

"Music e-school" EMS

EMS for Yerevan music and art schools.

"Prospered Backyard" EMS

List of well-arranged yards of Yerevan and system of supervision by means of which 12 administrative districts present the improvements made in yard areas.

Contracts electronic database

Yerevan Municipality and 12 administrative districts contracts electronic database. 

Human resource EMS

Yerevan Municipality human resource management electronic system.

Procurement Planning EMS

Procurement process organization, control and management system

"ONE WINDOW" online application system

Online application system of Yerevan Municipality for residents

Real estate contract system

Control system of Yerevan community's contracts and contracts' period

"Kindergarten" EMS

The system has been created to make the work of Yerevan Municipality subordinated kindergartens transparent and controllable.

"Outdoor Advertising" EMS

The system of e-permissions for outdoor advertisement installation in Yerevan city

CES interoperability program

Yerevan Municipality, 2 administrative districts, Ministry of Justice CES service and Parking City Service Company electronic interoperability program.

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