Yerevan is one of the most rapidly developing cities in the world from the point of view of electronic governance

According to the total rates of e-governance Yerevan is the fifth city in the list of the cities and in the rates of availability of e-governance and its using the official website of the capital of Armenia is the leader among 100 largest cities of the world. This fact is proved by the research “E-governance of the cities” which has been provided by Institute of E-governance in the School of Public Affairs and Administration of Rutgers University of Newark, New-Jersey, USA since 2003. More detailed results of the research were presented during the press-conference in the Municipality of Yerevan. Deputy Mayor Vahe Nikoyan noted that having 104 points in 5 separate classifications for e-governance research the Rutgers index is the most complex and effective today. The research is completely available at the website of the university and it represents the estimates of the official websites of the municipalities of 100 cities in 5 aspects-safety, use convenience, contents, on-line services and citizens’ involvement in the process of decision making. “In 2012, at the initiative of the Mayor of Yerevan, the official website of the Municipality of Yerevan was updated and modernized”, stressed Vahe Nikoyan. It should be noted that in 2009 the mentioned above research even didn’t include Yerevan in the list of observed 100 cities, however in 2012 our capital got the 19th place and in 2014 Yerevan was estimated as one of the most rapidly developing cities of the world from the point of view of e-governance; the first lines are given to Seoul, New-York, Hong-Kong, Singapore and Yerevan. The director of the “Technology Management Center of Yerevan” Sargis Manukyan noted that in the nomination of citizens’ involvement Yerevan is the third after Seoul and Singapore. “This result is gained due to our everyday work. It should be noted that the Municipality didn’t know about this research”, stressed Sargis Manukyan. Deputy Mayor Vahe Nikoyan stressed that they are not going to stop at this result and in nearest future they are going to improve the sphere so as the results will be obvious for the residents.