Council of Elders confirmed the decision of Yerevan Mayor on creation of technological fund “Yerevan-smart city”

During the regular meeting of the Council of Elders held on February 13 the members of the Council discussed and confirmed the decision of Yerevan Mayor on the creation of technological fund “Yerevan-smart city” and on confirmation of its Regulations. Presenting the draft decision the head of Legal Department of Yerevan Municipality Zaven Arakelyan noted that the aim of the Commission for working out and implementation of “Yerevan-smart city” program which was created by the instruction of Yerevan Mayor is to improve living conditions of Yerevan residents due to application of high technologies, to improve the quality of services rendered to residents and tourists. The Commission includes leading specialists of the sphere of information and communication technologies It was also noted that the effective realization of “Yerevan-smart city” program it is necessary to create a non-commercial organization and by Yerevan Mayor’s decision made on January 23,2018 the technological fund “Yerevan-smart city” was created. The fund will be functioning as an independent legal entity. The regulations of the fund were confirmed by the mentioned above decision.