Towards direct democracy: “Active Citizen” platform kicks off

Yerevan Municipality has launched Activecitizen. am platform. Since today citizens can register on the website, present their ideas and projects to be realized in the capital. Speaking about the initiative the Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Sergey Harutyunyan noted that its goal is to get more effective and close cooperation with citizens and to provide more participatory management.

“This is a platform based on the principles of direct democracy. This approach is one of Mayor Hayk Marutyan’s pre-election provisions. We expect citizens’ active participation in the “Active Citizen” initiative”, said the Deputy Mayor. To become an active citizen and present proposals you should only sign up on the website. Your passport or ID data are to be filled in so as fake accounts will be excluded.

“The platform has a high level of protection. It is based on a blockchain system and every vote has a special code. It is a mechanism of direct management and everything was done to exclude registration of fake users”, said Sergey Harutyunyan.

To provide feedback and confirm user’s registration the e-mail and mobile phone number are to be filled in the relevant space, and the user gets his/her password”, said the director of “Technology Management Centre of Yerevan City” CJSC Sargis Manukyan.

AMD 500 million was provided from the community budget of Yerevan Municipality for the implementation of citizens’ proposals. It is important to know that it is not a grant given by the community: citizens won’t get money for their ideas.

“The projects that got the most likes will be fulfilled by Yerevan Municipality within the budget of AMD 500 million. The maximal cost of the project is to be AMD 30 million”, informed the Deputy Mayor of Yerevan.

The projects will be selected by citizens by voting. "The projects that received most votes will be put into a competition to be implemented. There is no direct function between the proposer and the Municipality. Citizens make proposals and citizens vote for their fulfilment”, said Sergey Harutyunyan.

Users of any age can make proposals. But only the residents of Yerevan can participate in voting. At the same time, this platform is a means to get informed of all the problems of citizens’ concerns and to search for solutions.

“This platform will also make it possible to hold electronic referendums. In some countries, even elections are held via e-voting. Yerevan Municipality has installed a number of e-governance systems which will be continuative so that we could make our services more available for residents.”, said Sergey Harutyunyan.

Due to this platform Yerevanians have the possibility to improve their surroundings in teamwork with the Municipality to make life in the capital more comfortable and attractive. The city authorities expect the active participation of the residents.