public interaction platform for public transport reforms has been installed

During the press-conference held in Yerevan City Hall the new web-site was presented. The web-site is the platform of public interaction in the issues related to public transport reforms in Yerevan. Deputy Mayor of Yerevan, the head of the working group Vahe Nikoyan stressed the importance of public interaction during implementation of reforms and outlined the significance of creation of the mentioned e-platform. “We have waited for a long time for this reform of big public significance, and it’s obvious that each of us has his own vision of the process. It’s very important to hear out all opinions and at the same time to be a realist, watch the process and understand what the international consulting company offers to us and what our possibilities are”,said Vahe Nikoyan adding that the consulting company doesn’t offer final solutions but only variants of reforms. Deputy Mayor also informed that the final choice would be made as a result of joint discussion of the representatives of the working group with the residents of Yerevan. The information on the international consulting company WYG, on the reports made by the company and the information on the meetings of the working group ad the issues discussed up to now is available at the official web-site. The head of “Investment program for sustainable urban development” Nora Martirosyan in her turn noted that the specialists had tried to present maximally complete information to the public. The e-platform will also make it possible to get to know citizens’ opinions by voting concerning the reforms. “Besides the official website we will also have active pages in social media network due to which people will have the opportunity to take active part in the process”, said Nora Martirosyan. is worked out by “Technology Management Center of Yerevan” CJSC. According to the director of the center Sargis Manukyan the working group tried to make the public platform maximally simple and available for visitors. can be visited by mobile phones and other gadgets. It was also noted that throughout the process the website contents will be updated and working group will provide uninterrupted and safe work of the web-site. During the press-conference Deputy Mayor of Yerevan, the head of the working group for public transport reforms Vahe Nikoyan also answered the journalists’ questions related to the process of reforms.