A new website www.iyerevan.am has been presented

The heads of the departments of Development and Investment Programs and of External Design and Advertising of the staff of the Municipality of Yerevan, the head of the “Center of Management Technologies of Yerevan” SCJSC and the coordinator of the program of community development of the UNO Development Program presented the website of the Municipality of Yerevan www.iyerevan.am during the meeting with the journalists. Pointing out that Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan always attaches importance to the improvement of the external look of the capital and to the participation of the population in the city management, the authors of the website noted that in particular sections of the site everyone may take part in working out and discussion of the programs directed at Yerevan improvement and external design to be implemented by the Municipality of Yerevan, to raise issues suggesting their own variant of solving them. To make suggestions a citizen should log in to the system or use his Facebook page. On iyerevan.am the residents may participate in discussions, get acquainted with the current and implemented programs. Open competitions will also be announced through the website.

"From November 15 to February 1 all interested people and organizations may participate in working out «The conception of the external design of Yerevan» and offer suggestions. The suggestions met with maximal approval will be discussed in corresponding divisions of the Municipality of Yerevan and realized. Besides, we provide the competitions for working out the conception of advertisement of Yerevan and design of tourism logo of the capital", said the head of the Department of External Design and Advertisement of the Municipality of Yerevan. The website also gives the opportunity to get information on the projects directed at urban economy improvement, solution of social, cultural and other problems and to assist in their implementation through donations making a contribution to proportional development of Yerevan.

By the way, the program is another result of cooperation between the Municipality of Yerevan and the Armenian office of the UNO and has been implemented jointly with the Armenian office of the UNO Development Program within the frames of the “Beautiful Yerevan” project.