“Smart city” Hackathon in Yerevan municipality

On October 21 the 24-hour “Smart city” Hackathon started in Yerevan City Hall. The aim of the hackathon implemented by the joint initiative of Yerevan Municipality, the Union of Europe and the UN Development Program is to work out smart solutions for Yerevan.

During the hackathon about 70 participants are going to work for 24 hours with the given database in three directions working out smart solutions, data analysis, data visualization and mechanisms of new data collection which related to various spheres of the city management- management of buildings, tourism development and the city cleanness.

The ideas chosen by the jury will pass through Colblab incubation period and get preliminary investment for the program fulfillment in the following proportions: best idea will get up to 5000 US dollars in dram equivalent, the second idea will get up to 4000 US dollars in dram equivalent and the third best idea will get up to 3000 US dollars in dram equivalent.

“Smart city” hackathon is organized n collaboration with Kolba Lab Startup Incubator within the frames of “Innovation development” (#InnoDev) program which is financed by the European Union.