Smart parking at Freedom Square in Yerevan

The underground parking of Freedom Square in Yerevan city has been modernized. Automatic entry-exit control, payment and video surveillance systems have been installed.

Upon entering the parking lot, the intelligent system automatically reads the license plates of the car through special cameras and calculates the bill of payment for parking. 6 modern payment devices have been installed on the 3 floors of the parking, allowing drivers to make payments in different ways: cash (giving change back), non-cash (touch and non-touch bank card, NFC, electronic payments). 

To create and integrate the new system, the existing problems, international experience and modern technological capabilities were studied. To solve this difficult task, the most modern digital solutions were given.

This underground parking lot in Freedom Square is community property, and the fees are paid to the city budget, therefore, it serves the community. In addition, unlike other private parking lots in the Kentron administrative district, these parking tariffs are more affordable.

10 years of operation and existing technologies have caused various problems in terms of efficient organization of parking. The equipment was worn out, there was a lack of transparency and control, and payment could only be made in cash. Although the current system has been implemented recently, the quality of services, cost reduction and significant increase in community incomes are already noticeable.

Mayor Hayk Marutyan is getting acquainted with the installed systems, and highly assesses the quality of the work.

The following tariffs apply to the underground parking lot of Freedom Square:

09:00-24:00 the cost of parking for 1 hour - 200 drams

24:00-90:00 the cost of parking for 1 hour - 100 drams

The cost of overnight parking is 500 AMD

The cost of a monthly subscription is 20,000 AMD


The parking capacity is about 500 cars.