At the exhibition of VI Pan Armenian Forum Armenia-Diaspora Yerevan Municipality was represented in a separate pavilion

At the exhibition organized in the Sport and Concert Complex after K.Demirchyan within the frames of the VI, Pan Armenian Forum Armenia-Diaspora Yerevan Municipality as well as a number of other organizations, private companies, foundations presented their achievements in separate pavilions. The Municipality pavilion was called “Prior to the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan” and the achievements of modern Yerevan were presented there. “Technology Management Center of Yerevan” CJSC presented the “Smart city” concept. Potential investors have presented packages of investment projects for the creation of appropriate infrastructures in historical and archaeological reserve-museum “Erebuni”, in “Shengavit” and “Karmir blur” reserves. The miniature of the project of “Shengavit” reserve was also presented in the pavilion. Yerevan Municipality tourism division presented the directions of tourism development and the achievements of the capital in the world rating charts. “We attach importance to Yerevan Municipality participation in the events of such format particularly at the threshold of the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan foundation. Yerevan is a touristic, smart, developing city with a favourable investment environment and it is necessary that possibly more people could get informed about our vision of the capital and further programs. During the exhibition the organizational team of our pavilion received numerous interesting proposals related to the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan foundation to be included in various programs after corresponding discussions”, said Yerevan Mayor’s Assistant Maria Baraghamyan. Yerevan Municipality pavilion hosted about 600 visitors which were handed out the maps of the capital in two languages, guides, as well as the annual report of Yerevan Municipality. Among the visitors were state officials, partners from Artsakh, numerous Armenians from Diaspora, particularly from the USA, Russia, Canada, Lebanon and Jordan who arrived in the capital to take part in Armenia-Diaspora VI Forum. It should be noted that prepared an interesting surprise for the visitors of Yerevan Municipality pavilion. It was taking instant photos. And the company “360°” presented the system of virtual excursions around Yerevan.